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The Free Up Blood detox is a blood and cellular cleanse that mops up the system of free radicals, metabolic waste and environmental….


The Womb Cleanser helps to clean the womb by increasing contractions of the uterine walls and also helps to balance the female …


The Answer is an immune system enhancer and is very effective in the prevention of communicable diseases such as the flu. It is a component of the female package and helps to prevent excessive bleeding during the menstrual cycle and also helps…

Male and Female Package

The Great Physician International Male and Female Packages are designed specifically for the healing, rejuvenation and restoration of the Male and Female anatomy/structure/body. It provides him/her with a thorough full body cleanse and healing, a system at a time. Wellness begins in the colon, so the first step of each package is the Free up Laxative which aggressively cleanses the colon of all waste material and plaque that has been compiled on the colon walls over the years. It cleanses the colon by increasing its peristaltic action and flushing out waste inflammation, worms and toxins from the gastro intestinal tract while acting as a lubricant in the facilitation of the entire process. Yes, it is aggressive yet pain free.

The package also comprises of the Free up Detox which builds the immune system, detoxifies the blood and cleanses the organs equipping the body to sufficiently defend itself against any attacks. The Garlic Syrup regulates the consistency of the blood with its rich garlic weed (guinea hen weed) and sea moss content. The Pure Gold helps to clear mucous from the system and aids the elimination of poor circulation and respiratory tract infections. The body’s need for an iron tonic, an energy boost and any further strengthening of immune system is met by the Pure Green.